If you have come to this part of our website, you probably already have your recording and are ready for the final stage of the process – mastering.

Using our professional expertise and our cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee that your recording will sound incredible, regardless of the broadcast source. Our combination of analogue and digital equipment allows us to create the best possible sound quality for your recording; if desired, we can also perform analogue mastering with a strictly analogue workflow. We record our masters on reel-to-reel tape equipment to achieve that inimitable ‘warmth’ created only by tape saturation.

“….The guys are great, talented (great ears) and patient with their clients. The results speak for themselves when it comes to metal!” 


Some tips for before you send us a record

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    If you have any specific requirements or preferences, please let us know prior to mastering. This could include such things as fade in, fade out, track list, and song titles for the CD-Text.

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    Please ensure that the files for mastering are delivered to us free of any master limiters/compressors etc. that should not be a part of your mix.

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    Please try to avoid clipping.

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    We support WAV and AIFF files of any frequency.

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    Please do not convert your mixes – deliver.

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    If you deliver stems (instrument group mixdowns), please ensure that you also provide a stereo reference mix of your material; please also be sure that the sum of the stems delivered sounds like the reference mix provided.


Beyond traditional mastering for CD and digital distribution, we are certified by Apple for Mastering For iTunes (MFiT) and are able to deliver high resolution iTunes masters to our clients when needed.


Nowadays we are seeing more and more great vinyl re-issues. We can master your recordings specifically for vinyl, and deliver the optimum dynamic range, non-limited (or extremely lightly) vinyl format.

If requested we can master the recording in a fully analogue chain.