“I’m very glad that I had the chance to take part to this course. The course itself saved me years of trial and error. It changed completely my way of working in the studio!”

Beni Rahn Omophagia, Switzerland, Raw Studio

“…. It saved me a few years of practice and reading of articles. Right now i can’t imagine my life without stuff that I knew from this course. The knowledge that you can get from this masterclass it’s much better than any equipment that you can buy for the same money.”

Evgen Milov, Russia, Bullet Studio

“Awesome workshop with awesome people. An amazing experience !”

Clement Delachenal, France

” It was an amazing workshop, everything was very well planned, Wojtek and Slawek showed us every tips from the preparation of the instruments to the mastering! amazing guys, amazing courses, amazing studio!”

Redouane Aouamer, Algieria

“At the workshop I learned how much is important not only the good setup and tuning of instruments, but also how to talk with musicians and to try to capture the great performance and sound at the beginning, then the rest of the mix will be easy and enjoyable.”

Alberto Bandino, Italy

“… That was exactly what I was looking for and surprisingly Hertz Studio gave me really more than this! During this masterclass I’ve had the opportunity to enrich my workflow and learn some tricks which I’m sure that will lead me to better mixes….”

Fabio Palombi, Italy, Blackwave Studio

“…Hertz Studio is more than a recording studio, is a place where you can open your mind to get another point of view about recording, where you can learn that there is not a “right” or “wrong” way to do something, there is just your way that you have to built by yourself… ”

Marco Mastrobuono, Italy, Kick Recording Studio