The HERTZ recording room was designed by Lawrence P. Swist Designs. This New York-based company has designed such studios as: Olympic Recording Studios - London, Mick Guzauski - Mt. Kisco NY or Quad Studio NY, where have recorded artists like Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Mariah Carey and Ramones. Lawrance P. Swist Designs received a lot of prestigious awards in the field of studio architecture. Our Live room has a cubature of 250 m3 and RT 60, which is great for drum recordings. The mixining room is equipped with top-class devices like Neve, Amek, Api, SSL or Telefunken. We have over 50 mic , 4 drum kits and absolutely top snare drums like Ludwig Black Beuty and Tama Bell Brass. If we add to that amplifiers as Diezel, Fender, Mesa Boogie, EVH, Marshall or EBS we ill have great equipment ready for use.


“….“Hertz Recording Studio presents a unique working style, professionalism and involvement in all process of recording. These attributes guarantee a successful and fruitful work. Hertz Recording Studio is in my opinion one of the best recording studio in Europe and still develops its professional approach of working.” ”

  – Peter (Piotr Wiwczarek)  VADER



Recording and Production

Hertz Recording Studio is ideal place for your album work and recording a new demo. Our recording studio is the best choice; the atmosphere is one of creativity. Hertz Recording Studio is situated in Bialystok (in the North-East part of Poland), in green space of single-family houses estate. We provide for our clients comfortable guest rooms in our studio for stay and work.

We offer technical and engineering support and service for free during recording process: guitar amps, drums. We do our best to help you find the exact sounds you want to record. We can service your musical instruments and equipment during recording work. Our experience is dedicated for your needs.

See amplifiers, drums and snare drums available at Hertz Studio






Our recording room was designed by Lawrence P. Swist, one of the most famous and talented acoustic studio recording designers. The reverberation time is 1.2 seconds what enable a beautiful sound of musical instruments. It gives ideal condition for recording live drums.

Control Room

We offer you the latest technology expected of a modern professional recording studio. The heart of our studio is a mixing desk Amek Classic, Crane Song Spider, preamps API, & Neve. We can produce analogue recording to 24 track analogue tape machine to achieve a warm and crisp sound that enhances the natural qualities of any voice, instrument or amplifier. Studio Monitors: Klein & Hummel o300 D, Focal Trio 6be, YAMAHA NS-10 MS.

See control room equipment

Mastering Studio 

There are the latest technology analogue and digital equipment in mastering room isolated from other studio rooms like in a music laboratory. We have professional monitoring system LIPINSKI Speakers (L-505 L-150).


The Artist Lounge/guest rooms

To ensure maximum comfort during and after recording at Hertz Recording Studio, all our clients can use the artist lounge area and have possibility to stay for free in our guest rooms at studio first floor, where they have access to fully fitted kitchen, toilet with shower and WiFi. The studio is very private and in a very peaceful location in outskirts of Bialystok near the Knyszyn Forest (called Green Lungs of Poland) so you can concentrate 100% on the music.