recording, mix, productions HERTZ RECORDING STUDIO

The HERTZ recording room was designed by Lawrence P. Swist Designs. This New York-based company has designed such studios as: Olympic Recording Studios - London, Mick Guzauski - Mt. Kisco NY or Quad Studio NY, where have recorded artists like Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Mariah Carey and Ramones. Our Live room has a cubature of 250 m3 and RT 60, which is great for drum recordings. The mixining room is equipped with absolutely amaizing analogue Neve Genesys Black which offers 24-channles 1073 preamps, 88R-style EQ and Neve VCA dynamics with total recall. We have 24-track Telefunken tape machine, over 50 mic , 4 drum kits and absolutely top snare drums. If we add to that amplifiers as Diezel, Fender, Mesa Boogie, EVH, Marshall or EBS we ill have great equipment ready for use.


For a week we worked on the mixes of the Austrian band IRDORATH !